Clinic Overview

The purpose of this office is to provide people and animals with quality and affordable healthcare so that they can live life to the fullest while learning how to stabilize their spines, age healthy and independently for the future.

It is our goal to restore the body by balancing the bones, muscles, nerves, soft tissues, and chemicals through using chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, myofascial or massage therapy, nutritional supplements, detox protocols, and by providing individual spinal care recommendations to have long lasting benefits. We provide digital spine evaluations and digital foot scans in our office for a deeper, more accurate look at your health.

These treatments are provided in a peaceful setting that promotes calming and relaxation. The focus of the office is always centered around the patients best interest and recommendations are made on a case by case basis and presented to the patient.

Our office treats a wide variety of conditions in patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.  Our experienced doctor treats children and pregnant patients, athletes, animals, accidents and injuries, new and post surgical pain, is able to work with spines that have implants, and is able to maintain overall health for patients with no particular ailments. This is just to name a few. Our office takes pride in providing people with quality and affordable care.