Clinic Overview

The purpose of this office is to provide our community with natural and affordable solutions to health problems.  We offer a unique approach to address your health concerns no matter your age, lifestyle or severity of your condition.

It is our goal to help you restore your body systems that may be damaged or weak including balancing male, female, and stress hormones, correcting biochemical changes, eliminating toxic overload, and addressing physical stress on your nerves, joints, and muscles.

In our office we offer state of the art testing including saliva and urine testing for toxicity, deficiencies, and hormone imbalances, food allergy and sensitivity testing, biometric body analysis, 3D foot scanning technology, computer spine analysis, and on site digital xray system.

We provide nutritional counseling, vitamins and supplements, essential oils, detox options, topical relievers, medical devices, custom pillows and supports, braces and orthotics,  physical rehabilitation and massage therapy including medical orthopedic massage techniques, multiple chiropractic adjusting specialties.

We center our recommendations around individual, case by case needs and strive to meet you where you are and present recommendations to meet your short and long term goals.

Our experience allows us to treat a wide variety of conditions in patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics including concerns related to children and pregnant patients, athletes, accidents and injuries, new and post surgical issues just to name a few. We believe in supporting you, your family and loved ones while teaching you how to maintain a healthy and independent future.